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BfB 3D 3000

RapMan 3.1, RapMan Pro…… next ??


I dropped into BfB HQ the other day to get a bit of help with one of my student’s projects. Whilst there Ian showed me one of the new machines…. not exactly certain what it’s called (BfB3000, BfB 3D 3000; 3D 3000, RapMan 3D 3000 ? )…. but it looks really impressive. I didn’t want to step on toes at that time by saying anything on the forum, but it looks like it has made an appearance on the internet 

Attached some  pictures for you…. interesting to note…. some very fancy print heads (3!!!) with horizontal plastic feed ; z axis/build platform two guides and one leadscrew; nice acrylic case.

I Reeeeeellllly want one  





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