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Pitching RapMan Resources.

On the BfB Forum there was some discussion about the “difficulty” of the resources that I have been producing for RapMan. i.e. How technical? How much detail? Age of students they are aimed at???? Well here is some of my current thinking…. I hope it makes sense and please contact me with any thoughts you may have (via the comments on this blog or the BfB forum) regarding these teaching and learning resources


I teach 11 to 18 year olds so…. With many of the resources I have written I am aiming at the younger end of the age group and many of the ideas are intended to be to “spark ideas” with students/teachers rather than being a complete package. In this way the project can be individually modified to suit the curriculum in different countries, the different facilities/resources available in various schools and most importantly so that students/teachers feel that they have some “ownership” of their own learning/teaching. 
My other reason for aiming the resources at the younger students is to “catch them when they are young and enthusiastic”. If younger students are equipped with the skills and knowledge early(ish) in their schooling they will in all likelihood carry this with them and develop/grow into young designers/technologists/engineers…. something we really need more of  


 As the technology of RapMan is still relatively young and few if any schools have had machines for about a year even the older students are starting at a low point (but have a much steeper learning curve)… so simple projects can help them accelerate through the early stages. They are also more likely to develop their own projects and ideas when they become more expert.
Interestingly the results of the survey seem to indicate that at this stage the resources are pitched at a good level for beginners through newbies to those with the confidence to develop their own projects. However there are some indications that the more technically advanced/older students still need some support and/or ideas…. that’s why I have started to look into the idea of “How to” videos. (more of these to follow in the summer holidays hopefully) 

So….. Watch this space  


 who knows where I will go next  



Anyway, that’s enough of my educational philosophizing for now, I hope I haven’t bored you all  :


And, once again a huge thanks for the support/ideas/inspiration that all you guys on the forum give me towards developing these resources…. If only a few students learn something new, enjoy what they have found out and are therefore better able to contribute to society then it has all been worthwhile.





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