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In my quest to provide a wide range of quality Teaching and Learning resources I am looking for new ways to get some feedback from teachers, lecturers and students (or anyone else) about the resources on the wiki,  and ideas for new projects.etc…  So…. try this…

Note… This is very experimental (never tried it before), I have chosen not to have to moderate comments on the wall but if there is any abuse I will have to remove it.

The Design and Technology Association Education and International Research Conference 2010

Keele University,UK.  Wednesday 7 – Friday 9 July 2010

Link to the conference page of the DATA website

I have been invited to contribute to the DATA Conference on the 7th July 2010 by running two lectures/workshops, These will be one hour sessions with potentially 50 international teachers, lecturers, advisors, consultants and government representatives etc at each of the sessions…. and the general theme is Digital Design & Technology, I will of course be focussing on 3D printing and RapMan.

This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase what RapMan can do in schools, colleges and universities to enhance student’s learning.

I will be showing the work done by my students and the Teaching/Learning resources that have been produced and the support systems that are in place via the wiki and forum (i.e. you guys !)

And now I start asking for some help!!!! I would really like to show the international nature of RapMan… I can already show how you guys helped me to develop the wind turbine project for schools, but i would like to show more than just the objects printed at my school, so…. I woud be really grateful if you guys out there in schools, colleges, or universities could send me some quality photos of the work your students have been doing.
The best way to do this would be to attach some photos to this post on the BfB forum- DATA Conference , or the thread …Printing Examples… show your best printing projects here!    or by PM. I will of course fully credit anything that I use. …. the only thing I would not be able to use a photos of students (I would have to get written permission from parents etc to publish these).

Anyway, I’m really excited about this conference (and a little aprehensive  Wink ) and really looking forwards to recieving any help you guys might be able to give by sending examples etc.

Many thanks, in anticipation.


D&T Practice. The DATA magazine

D&T Practice- the Design & Technology publication for professionals – Published by DATA The Design & Technology Association, (issue4 2010) has published a feature on RapMan. The article explains about Technology Supplies Ltd (TSL) – the exclusive distributor of RapMan to Education in the UK, showcasing RapMan at BETT 2010. It goes on to explain that BfB and RapMan was the winner of a BETT award for “Best Digital Device”.

Also there are details of the pilot RapMan Project that is now running in schools in Scotland. The schools showcased their RapMan Machines at the Celebration for Science Event in Glasgow on June 11th 2010.

Download this file

BfB and RapMan visit Techlink.

On the 10th June 2010 Iain Major (a director from Bits From Bytes ltd) went to the annual Techlink conference to demonstrate RapMan. Techlink is a project supported by a local engineering company’s charitable trust. Through this support secondary schools throughout the South West of the UK have been able to purchase CAD/CAM equipment that they would otherwise have not been able to afford . Over the last couple of years the charity has been purchasing CraftROBO machines (cutter/plotters) for every junior school (7 to 11 year olds) in the area…. But the good news is that
they are now looking at the possibility of providing a RapMan machine to secondary schools (11 to 18 year olds).

At the Techlink Conference Iain was able to not only demonstrate the RapMan but also to showcase some of the Teaching and Learning resources that are available on the BfB Wiki. Techlink are particularly keen to develop the project about wind turbines and Iain printed a steady supply of turbine fans throughout the event. The BfB demos were visited by dozens of young students who were amazed by the whole process… budding designers and engineers of the future J. A number of teachers and parents also visited the stand and were again bowled over by what they saw. One parent was so impressed with RapMan that he placed an order then and there!

Anyway, I’m really excited at the possibilities of this link with Techlink…. I’ll post some more details as this develops.


Download this file

PS The PowerPoint (shown here as a pdf) is available on the BfB Wiki


Promoting RapMan

This PowerPoint can be used to help demonstrate the use of RapMan and the resources that are available (such as the forum, wiki, T&L Resources, etc)… useful for open days, conferences etc.

Note to use this PowerPoint to best effect you will need to install the font “Neuropolitical”…. font download  

PowerPoint   (…. this time supplied as a PowerPoint, please feel free to edit, modify and adapt as necessary.)


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