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BfB Axon… “new” RapMan and BfB3000 software

Really hope I don’t get into trouble for this from the BfB Guys…. But I was so impressed that I just had to post this!

I dropped into BfB HQ today to collect a BfB3000 machine to take to the Design & Technology Association International Conference next week (see a previous post on this blog)  ….. The BfB3000 will be so much more impressive than my beat up and very old RapMan (but it still has real “character”) . Whilst I was there the guys very kindly gave me a pre-release copy of their new software “BfB Axon”…. My first impressions at least from an education point of view are…. WOW!!!!

The place that this takes in the suite of software seems to be that this is a (fully working!) replacement for the “BfB front end Beta” and is in no way intended to challenge the position of NetFabb…. in my view it complements and joins the suite of Skeinforge and Netfabb. Infact Netfabb will remain an essential part of the RapMan kit for its superb stl fixing ability and build quality.

BfB Axon is built on Skeinforge (in fact clicking on the Advance settings button opens the familiar SF interface which should keep the settings tweakers happy)… but there are some significant enhancements … Easy user interface.
Tried and tested settings for BfB 3000 and RapMan with 1 to 3 heads (including support)
Rotate and scale (but not repair) stl files before processing.
Nice simple g-code viewer to view in 3D and step through layers

The program installer installs Python, Skeinforge and the interface (not certain about psyco or if installing this would have the same speed increase)…. and on my win 7 laptop worked brilliantly (I have not tried it on any other OS).

So an “out of the box” solution is on the horizon…. don’t quote me but I think it is going to be downloadable from the BfB website soon, and if I’m not mistaken at zero (or very low) cost!… now we can afford to install it on lots of machines and teach several/students at a time I know that the BfB guys have been working VERY hard on this whilst at the same time trying to push out huge numbers of RapMen and BfB3000’s. For me and for schools/colleges who are finding funding increasingly difficult in this current economic climate this looks like it will be a brilliant solution… Thanks BfB Guys I really can’t wait to show it off for the first time in public at the DATA Conference… Thanks guys for letting me do this.


PS As I said at the start… I hope the BfB Guys don’t mind me “leaking” this info… So to save my neck please don’t bug them by email (or on this forum) for further details, release dates, cost etc… at least not until the official release has happened


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