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A new RapMan is born

Today I finished building a RapMan.


Term ended for me on Friday lunchtime, so on Friday evening I started to build the kit…. By Monday lunch time I was printing!

I’m really pleased with the quality of the build (took lots of care… not a rush job)… and the kit was fantastic, everything needed apart from a few hand tools. Ok so they were 2 pretty full-on days (about 10 hours each) but it does prove that building in 2-3 days is a reality.


And as for the print quality…. Take a look at the photos…. Fantastic! (I used BfB Axon and the new firmware)


Anyway, I had better say what I’m going to use the RapMan for. Some of you may be aware that I am an “Advanced Skills Teacher” this means that for one day a week I work for my Local Authority rather than my school, so this year I’m going to do some “Master classes” and I will take RapMan on the road with me to visit local schools. I’m thinking about teaming up with another AST (who specialises in Geography) and see if we can tackle some terrain printing…. more news on this when we get started next academic year.





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