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BfB Teams up with 3D Systems

First of all I would like to add …. Congratulations to all at BfB.

For a huge company like 3D Systems to be teaming up with BfB must mean that they respect what BfB has done in the development of new machinery for 3D printing – and making it available to many people who would not otherwise be able to enter the world of RP and manufacture.
From an educational point of view many schools, colleges, students, teachers and lecturers now have contact with methods of designing and making that could only be dreamt of only a couple of years ago. The dream is now a reality, and this has only been possible because of BfB’s dedication and interest in making their products “accessible”. The next generation of designers and engineers are in our schools and colleges now… how will the world continue to develop unless we capture their interest and curiosity and expose them to exciting developments and technologies?
Teaming up with 3DS will, I’m pretty sure, enable BfB to invest even more in ensuring our young people can become excellent designers and engineers.  I look forwards to seeing what the future holds and the developments that this teaming up will bring.


More information on the BfB  Blog


Discussion on the BfB forum


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