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TCT Live


Apologies for the slow posting…. End of term and lots to do!

Anyway, some of you may be aware that BfB and 3D Systems asked me to attend the TCT Live 2010 show in Coventry, UK. I was lucky enough to do a presentation at the show about “The Democratisation of Additive Technologies” …. Obviously RapMan and BfB featured heavily in this! I was really proud that my presentation had a large audience – nearly full to capacity and even people crowding around the edges. So I’m really pleased that we were able to capture so much attention. Even if only a few of those present will now start thinking about ways of using this sort of technology to help students to become better designers and engineers in the future then it was a really worthwhile “event”.

Talking to some of the visitors to BfB’s stand has also generated some interesting ideas for further projects and possible links to develop more educational projects and learning resources…. So keep an eye open for some more developments!

Iain at BfB has posted a Blog entry with more details of the event. http://rapmanv3.blogspot.com/2010/10/tct-live-great-success.html


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