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Bloodhound SSC and RapMan/BfB3000


This resource is about using Bloodhound SSC as a context for designing and making using RapMan and BfB3000 printers.

Bloodhound SSC is the name of a project aiming to break the land speed record with a car powered by a jet engine and a rocket.

It is designed to reach approximately 1,000 miles per hour (1,609 km/h). It is being developed and built with the intention of breaking the land speed record by the largest ever margin.

If funding is obtained the construction should be complete by the end of 2011 and the record attempts may happen in late 2011 early 2012.

The resource contains suggested projects about designing model cars (even rocket or CO2  or balloon powered); printing a 3D map of the desert where the record attempt will take place; engine turbines; and ergonomic controls. There are cross references to other projects where more information and detail can be found.

I would like to thank Bloodhound SSC for the use of their images and ideas in producing this resource http://www.bloodhoundssc.com/




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