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A nice 3D print by a student


I just thought you guys would like to see this print… and this time I can take very little credit for it 

One of my D&T Product Design students is designing and making a flat pack moveable kitchen unit/trolley (a bit like an Ikea style butchers block on wheels)… as it is intended to be flat-packed he is designing the fixtures and fittings for it too… to get started he decided that for the first fitting he would produce would be the bottom corner bracket that holds the sides together and attaches the casters (wheels)- and being a little uncertain about the strength and size required he based his experimental part on an existing design that he "borrowed" from a conventional kitchen unit at home. (I do wonder if his parents know)

As you can see the ABS print (the red one in case you were wondering  ) came out really well and as a test piece was very successful…. now he has started on his own designs that are more specific to his unit/trolley.

It is worth noting that this is a photo of the part straight off the machine with no post processing, cleaning up or even photo re-touching!!!



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