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Students visit Bits from Bytes

Last week a group of Design and Technology students visited the Bits from Bytes Headquarters in Clevedon, UK. The visit was intended to allow them to see first-hand different production methods in action. It is probably best for me to allow one of them to describe their visit….


In our recent visit to Bits from Bytes, we learned various things about the way in which their business works and how they operate. We were taken on a tour of the Bits from Bytes production facility, in an order identical to that of the resources used, what is meant by this is that we started where Bits from Bytes get there raw materials delivered, we then moved on to where the plastic is cut and shaped by laser cutters and finally finished where the products are finished and boxed ready for delivery.

The factory itself is divided into two parts, one side was dedicated to creating the RapMan kits for customers to purchase and build the machine themselves. A great investment for those who would like the experience of building it themselves and also would like to save money, as the kits cost less than the pre-built machines. The second area was dedicated to making BfB3000 machines for customers to buy and install without having to build or configure any parts, although these are charged at a higher price.

It was good to see the differences between the two methods of production and to be able to see one-off, batch production and production lines all operating in the same place.

Learning about manufacturing and production systems in a real life situation was much better than just researching or reading about it and should help us with our A ‘Level Design and Technology exam. Thank you to everyone at Bits from Bytes for allowing us to visit and making us so welcome.

Ollie Elson


… Couldn’t put it better myself!

But I would just like to add an “official” thank you from The Design & Technology Department at Clevedon School.





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  1. Helen Keegan says:

    Hi Ollie – what a great post! Really enjoyed reading about your visit, sounds like a cool place. Best of luck (to all) in your D+T exam 🙂

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