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Classroom Innovation Competition

The Guardian newspaper in the UK is running a competition for “Classroom Innovation”…. I couldn’t resist entering a video from my school (Clevedon School) about 3D printing with BfB machines, so if you would like to see the clip have a look here www.guardian.co.uk/classroom-innovation/video/clevedon-school-3d-printing …. It was a bit of a rush to meet the deadline… oops

A preview can be seen on youtube

 To be fair the other entries can be viewed here www.guardian.co.uk/classroom-innovation/award-video-entries .

But of course I would appreciate it if you could vote for us…  we could win £7,500 of Asus computer equipment.

So… the information you need to vote for us

Email to send your vote to classroom.innovation@guardian.co.uk

School name … Clevedon School.  Subject of Video… 3D Printing

Closing Date 5pm 7th Jan 2011

…. And of course ask all your friends, colleagues and relatives to vote too!!!



Education Ambassadors at Euromold

We have just arrived back from the Euromold show in Frankfurt. Bits from Bytes and 3D Systems invited me and a couple of students as Education Ambassadors to highlight the use of RapMan and BfB3000 3D printers in a schools context.

Throughout the show I was able to give presentations at the 3D Systems theatre showing examples of students work in 3D printing and the work I have done in developing teaching and learning resources and projects to give educators a hand in getting started and developing their use of 3D printers in D&T, STEM and cross curricular lessons.

The students and I also supported some German universities in the “RapMan Challenge”… the students competing to build a RapMan and print their first object. As the challenge was so successful this was also followed by a challenge to print the most interesting, high quality, innovative object. The winning universities were presented with a prize of a RapMan printer, materials, and a double head upgrade.

The student ambassadors were able to talk to the university students, potential customers and other educators about how 3D printing has enhanced their education and how they are using our schools printers to make objects for their A’Level exams. The students were also able to visit the stands and see how Rapid Prototyping is done with the large machines that are used commercially.

Unfortunately we did have some technical difficulties with Wi-Fi at the show and were unable to do any live blogging at the event, however in a few days’ time I will hopefully publish a more comprehensive report of our visit and some more photos.

Frankfurt was very cold and snow had recently fallen but this didn’t stop us from visiting a Christmas market in Darmstadt and also eating typical German food in a restaurant.

We had a fantastic time and wish to thank BfB and 3D Systems inviting us to attend Euromold for their friendliness and generosity.


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