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Guardian Classroom Innovation – The Final Chapter??

Ok, we didn’t win but our video is still being showcased on the Guardian website and today they published a big article… here is an extract from this page http://www.guardian.co.uk/classroom-innovation/winning-classroom-innovation-videos ……

…. “Technology’s role in taking learning off the page and rendering it in new and compelling ways was central to Clevedon school’s entry. The North Somerset school’s design and technology advanced skills teacher, Dave White, has managed to open up all sorts of cross-curricular links between design and technology and other subjects thanks to his pioneering use of modelling and 3D printers from the company BfB. “The equipment is very reasonable and the plastics from which the models are constructed should also be easily within most school’s budgets,” he says.

One of the first collaborations tied in with geography. White took satellite data of the Mount St Helens volcano in Washington state, US, which erupted in 1980, to create accurate 3D pre- and post-eruption scale models of the terrain. “In the end students were then able to hold a real piece of physical geography in their hands,” he says. “This greatly improved their understanding of the forces involved and the details of the event.” White is now busy developing cross-curricular projects with 3D printing at their core; making them available to all schools via a website”.


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