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An introduction to RapMan in Germany

Not many Advanced Skills Teachers in the UK can claim that their work is international. But in a way I suppose that’s what has been happening….

Over the last few months I have been sharing ideas with Andreas Seidl in Germany. Andreas, who I “met” via the BfB forum where he is known as “Normdom”, had seen much of the work I have been doing in an attempt to make RapMan and BfB3000 printers “accessible” to students… so he thought he would give it a go too. He approached one of the teachers from his old school to demonstrate his own RapMan and to talk about how it could be used in schools… and to cut a long story short, Andreas is now going to demonstrate  3D printing in action at the kreismedienzentrum (KMZ)  in Helibronn (KMZ = circular media centre).  Here is the main part of a recent e-mail Andreas sent me announcing his presentation.

It only remains to say…. Good Luck Andreas, hope it goes well and that all your hard work results in students in your part of Germany being able to use 3D printers in their schools.

Hi Dave,
Finally it is done! The official announcement of my presentation “3D-Druck in Aktion” at the KMZ Heilbronn is now online at the KMZ homepage and interested people can register themself to take part!
I’m sorry that i can’t provide you a English version, but i hope Google’s translator produces acceptable results (The layout seems to get a bit out of control)
Google Translator:
Also you will find attached the short to be released PDF invitation, that will be send to the schools soon, after the last review. Please apologize, that i can only provide a German version.
Most of the text is written by my teacher, i only provided some information and text fragments. Mr. Leuschner from the KMZ created from our source the PDF and online announcement.

Download this file



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