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Scheme of Learning

On the BfB Wiki I have published a resource for use by teachers to help with projects for designing and making- using the BfB projects on the wiki. The Scheme of Learning is designed around a 20 hour project (allowing time for flexibility)


Note. The SOL is “generic” most of the project ideas on the wiki can be used as the context for the designing and making activity. For a first time the best projects to use are http://wiki.bitsfrombytes.com/index.php/MP3_Design_Project ; http://wiki.bitsfrombytes.com/index.php/Clip_It_%26_Keep_it_Safe ; http://wiki.bitsfrombytes.com/index.php/Mobile_Mate ; or more ideas can be found in http://wiki.bitsfrombytes.com/index.php/Additional_Design_%26_Technology_Projects .


For Teachers in the UK the project is linked to….

* Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS)

* UK National Curriculum for D&T “Levels”

Teachers outside the UK may find these useful anyway!


A pupil workbook/portfolio linked to the Scheme of Learning can be found here http://wiki.bitsfrombytes.com/index.php/Project_Booklet  


The Scheme of Learning can be found here http://wiki.bitsfrombytes.com/index.php/Scheme_of_Learning

 This is just a screenshot


Loads of other Teaching and learning resources and ideas can be found here http://wiki.bitsfrombytes.com/index.php/Main_Page#Education


I hope this helps teachers who are always “busy people” with their lesson planning… and of course helping students to use BfB 3D printers in their lessons.





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  1. education-gr says:

    thanks for this. really nice share 🙂

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