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BfB Axon2


I just noticed that Axon 2 (Beta1) is available for download from the BfB website… (Resources>Technical Resources>Downloads (software, profiles, firmware and print test files)) . or try this link http://3dpedia.3dsystems.com/login.action?os_destination=%2Fhomepage.action&os_username=bfbcustomer&os_password=3dprinting

Axon is the program that converts .stl files to g-code for printing on RapMan and BfB3000 printers

I have done a bit of Alpha testing on this and it looks to be a big improvement on Axon1.

Lots of new goodies!!!…………..Multi material support, new visualisations, better workflow and much more…. perhaps most importantly it is built on a recent version of Skeinforge that can easily be updated to newer versions (just drop the new version on top of the old one inside the program folder)

The last alpa version seemed to be pretty stable and i think Andrew has ironed out a few wrinkles before releasing the Beta1 version… But I’m sure that he will appreciate any comments or feedback to make the final release even better.

I’ve included a screenshot … just to tempt you!


Oh and one final thing … take a look at the "About" screen (on the blue tab, top left of Axon)… COOL!!! and thanks to the guys at BfB for this!!!


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