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Spreading the 3D word.

I had an interesting morning in school today. Some visitors from a school in Chippenham (way outside my normal area of operation) spent a chunk of the morning finding out all about 3D printing (of course RapMan and BfB3000 featured lots in this).

It was really good to talk about how these printers can enhance the learning experience for Design and Technology students and also how to fit in 3D printing into the curriculum. I was able to demonstrate the Machines in action using the school BfB3000 and I dragged along my double head RapMan from home (yet another bumpy car ride for my poor machine!)

I think the guys went away duly impressed with the capabilities of the machines and with their brains buzzing with ideas of how they might spend their cash and introduce this technology to their school. I certainly had much to think about and now have a few ideas about how to support other schools with getting started.

Interestingly (for me anyway), This meeting came about by word of mouth and was linked to the T1 in Schools project (Techlink) mentioned in a previous post on this blog…. As an Advanced Skills Teacher in North Somerset it may mean that yet again my operating area goes beyond my Local Authority boundaries (ok, not as far as Germany this time J )and it could be an interesting development if I’m “commissioned” by a different Authority and “bought in” to help them with setting up and staff training…. But that’s an opportunity to explore at a later date.


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