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Make do and mend with 3D printing

A bit of a strange story about 3D printing but I thought I would explain in full.

My daughter is at University studying English Lit and has written a huge amount of essays… and to my horror I found out that she hasn’t been keeping a backup of her PC.

So I dug out an old USB disk drive that was lurking at the bottom of a drawer. The drive works ok but the end plates were made from some sort of brittle plastic and the screws had broken through (Sellotape was a short term solution but it got sticky and yucky).

Time to fire up Creo/Elements and my RapMan 3D printer….

And here is the result. Some nice new endplates printed in PLA (ABS would have been stronger but the nice internal LEDs wouldn’t show through) 

Now I’m in the process of backing up 2 years’ worth of data for my daughter…. Phew!

So, why not have a look around and see what you can mend with some nice new 3D printed parts?






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