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First sighting of the BfB Touch

I just found this on Youtube

It’s the first sighting of the BfB Touch …. A touch screen BfB Printer…. Nice!!!

and I love the printed Nintendo DS case that it printed too.


A new school year

Well it’s a new school year… new students, new projects, new challenges. I’m really looking forwards to developing some new opportunities in 3D printing and additive manufacturing this year… hopefully some international ones too!

Keep coming back to my blog to see how things develop.

Happy 3D printing.


Multi-part printing with BfB machines

A few people are starting to look at multi-part or multi-colour printing using BfB machines with multiple print heads and BfB Axon2. It is a little confusing and preparing the files to print can be difficult.


I have prepared a screencast showing how this can be done with the free version of Netfabb. I’ve posted it on Youtube, and you can also  have a look here ..

Hope it helps a little…. happy multi-part printing!

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