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Tesla Turbines


I have published a teaching and learning resource based on Richard’s (RCAuk) work on the tesla turbine. it can be downloaded together with the .stl files from the BfB wiki http://wiki.bitsfrombytes.com/index.php/Advanced_Turbines

If this is a bit advanced for you or your students then there is a simpler project on wind turbines here http://wiki.bitsfrombytes.com/index.php/Turbines

A huge thank you to Richard for allowing the use of these files.


BETT Middle East with BfB… The final part.

The last day… Day 2 of the BETT Middle East show was quite different to the first. There were many more students visiting the stand. Most of the students were from local schools in Abu Dhabi but others had come from across the United Arab Emirates. The Bits from Bytes stand was significantly different from most of the others in the show… We had new and exciting technology on show rather than the offerings from the run of the mill software, interactive whiteboard or PC companies, and the students were buzzing with excitement at seeing a machine that actually made things right before their eyes! Rows of students and adults 3 deep around the 3DTouch was not uncommon. Even as a teacher who is used to talking a lot (some might say too much!) I found that the constant explaining of how the machine worked was a real strain on the voice… But well worth it to see eyes open wide with amazement that this machine wasn’t just printing on paper but actual 3D objects… And eyes were almost popping out of their heads when they realised the possibility of 3D printing in a school environment… I wonder how many will go back to school and start pestering their teachers to get a 3DTouch for their school? When the final announcement came over the PA system that the show was closing Andy, Juliet and I finally had a break before starting to disassemble the stand… We had pretty much been on the go all day, and only then did we realise we hadn’t even stopped for a coffee break or even to grab a bite to eat! So, down came the stand, the 3DTouch, and a general tidy away and we were done…No sample parts or literature to carry home in our cases as everything had been taken away by the visitors! And all was packed up in record time! A taxi to the airport and time to catch our breath and grab a bite to eat (our first real food of the day) and it was time to catch our flight at around midnight… In a temperature that was still up in the high 20’s C. A much easier flight schedule this time.. Only the one change at Amsterdam, but a long wait between flights. And of course we got back to a very grey and rainy morning having had very little sleep on the plane and struggling to reach 8 degrees…. Brrrrrrr … And then it happened, the only thing that went wrong in the whole event…. Andy’s case was missing… We waited and waited, until there were no more bags on the carousel but it never arrived. Such a shame, everything had gone so perfectly thanks to Juliet’s wonderful organisation (her first show for BfB)… It must have really annoyed Andy, but he didn’t show it too much. Perhaps we were just too tired to care that much…. We were home in the UK at last. In my final few words I would like to say a huge thank you to the guys from BfB for inviting me to attend BETT Middle East… A hugely enjoyable experience that I will remember for a long time and something I will be able to share with staff and student back at Clevedon School after the half term holiday. And a special thanks to Andy and Juliet for being such great company throughout the whole visit. Dave.

BETT Middle East photos

I have just found how to post pictures from my iPad. I hope these are ok for a start

BETT Middle East with BfB.. The next part!

We managed to get the stand finished in time! Collected the 3DTouch from the carriers early this morning and sneaked in with it through the front door… No small feat with a huge cardboard box!
Almost immediately we were inundated with a crowd of interested people from all parts of the Middle East and beyond. Lecturers, teachers, principals, technicians and students have all visited us… And in particular the students were buzzing with excitement having never seen anything like a 3D printer before.
From the point of view of my educational interest in 3D printing and Design & Technology in general I have learned so much. The basic structure of the curriculum for D&T is very similar to the UK… But I think that perhaps the inclusion of new technologies such as 3D printing has yet to be developed. And students could learn so much from being introduced to the possibilities of prototyping and manufacturing products in this way.
The BETT Middle East show was interesting to wander around… I think I expected more high tech than there was on show… Maybe part of the reason why the BfB stand was kept constantly busy.
Anyway, my feet are tired and a nice cool shower is waiting ( yes it’s still boiling hot here) so I’m going to finish for now. I probably won’t get time to post after the show tomorrow as we have to catch pack up and catch our flight… Hopefully I’ll do a final report when we get home.

Sorry, I’ve not found a way to post photos from my iPad yet… Will add some later if I find out how to do it!

Abu Dhabi- BETT Middle East with BfB (part 3)

Getting closer now! The stand is set up.. Nearly! Just waiting for the 3DTouch printer to clear customs and finally set it up for 3D printing. It’s a fantastic opportunity for me to see what goes on behind the scenes at a big exhibition… And I’m really grateful to BfB for asking me to join them over here in Abu Dhabi for BETT Middle East.
The doors open at 10:00 local time and I’m looking forwards to meeting the visitors to talk about how we do 3D printing at Clevedon School and also showing the teaching and learning resources that are freely available on the BfB wiki (and also shipped with new machines for education customers)
I am intrigued to find out more about Design & Technology lessons in schools over here, wondering how different it is to what we do at Clevedon and the UK…. Just have to see what I can find out!
Hopefully I can get some photos from the show tomorrow and I’ll try to post some here .. Technology and Internet connection permitting.
Anyway, time to get out of the heat into an air conditioned hotel room and have a quick shower… A little bit warm here even in the evening! 🙂
Hopefully more tomorrow!

Abu Dhabi BETT Middle East with Bits from Bytes (part2)

Arrived on Saturday evening (actually very early Sunday morning) after a long series of flights. Bristol, Amsterdam, Dammam, Doha, Abu Dhabi. Loaded down with display stands, cases and printing materials… Amazing how much you can get on one airport trolley!
Abu Dhabi is pretty warm even in the middle of the night… Hotter during the day, …can’t even to think what it would be like in June/July when the locals say it is properly hot!!!
Spent the “free time” today gathering all the exhibition stuff out of the nooks and crannies of my case and a quick snooze to catch up on sleep.. forgot to mention that last week was pretty “full on” for me as we had an Ofsted inspection at my school in Clevedon (Ofsted is our UK government education inspection body)… So feeling a little bit “on another planet” even before leaving for the Middle East!
Took a bit of time out to familiarise ourselves with the area and visited Corniche beach area… Amazed at how few people are around… Suppose it’s something to do with Sunday being a work day over here.
Tomorrow is the “set up” day at BETT ME. Looking forwards to tinkering with the new 3DTouch… Hopefully it will have arrived safely! And even more looking forwards to talking with the educators visiting the stand at the show on Tuesday and Wednesday.
So if you are in the area please drop by and see us at stand D100.
It’s starting to cool down a little now as evening is starting to draw in… So I’m off for a little wander around under the palm trees before we grab a bite to eat.
If I get a chance later in the week I’ll blog/post a bit more about how the show goes.

BETT Middle East

102011 3D Systems Brings 3DTouch to BETT.pdf
Download this file

Abu Dhabi…. !!!!

I am just finishing packing my case ready for an early start and a long flight tomorrow, …heading off to the Middle East for my first time!

I have been invited to go along with the guys from Bits from Bytes to BETT Middle East (25-26 OCTOBER 2011 ADNEC, ABU DHABI, UAE) to talk to educators, teachers, lecturers and anyone else about 3D printing in schools and colleges. So if you are in the area why not drop in and see us on stand D100. http://www.bettmiddleeast.com/BettMe/website/Home.aspx?refer=1

If everything goes according to plan and the everything that has been shipped out arrives ok, BfB will have RapMan 3.1 and the brand new 3DTouch 3D printers on display.

Really looking forwards to what looks like a very busy few days and meeting up with fellow educators from a different part of the world.

Hopefully I’ll post more on this either when I’m there (internet access permitting) or when we get back.


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