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Abu Dhabi BETT Middle East with Bits from Bytes (part2)

Arrived on Saturday evening (actually very early Sunday morning) after a long series of flights. Bristol, Amsterdam, Dammam, Doha, Abu Dhabi. Loaded down with display stands, cases and printing materials… Amazing how much you can get on one airport trolley!
Abu Dhabi is pretty warm even in the middle of the night… Hotter during the day, …can’t even to think what it would be like in June/July when the locals say it is properly hot!!!
Spent the “free time” today gathering all the exhibition stuff out of the nooks and crannies of my case and a quick snooze to catch up on sleep.. forgot to mention that last week was pretty “full on” for me as we had an Ofsted inspection at my school in Clevedon (Ofsted is our UK government education inspection body)… So feeling a little bit “on another planet” even before leaving for the Middle East!
Took a bit of time out to familiarise ourselves with the area and visited Corniche beach area… Amazed at how few people are around… Suppose it’s something to do with Sunday being a work day over here.
Tomorrow is the “set up” day at BETT ME. Looking forwards to tinkering with the new 3DTouch… Hopefully it will have arrived safely! And even more looking forwards to talking with the educators visiting the stand at the show on Tuesday and Wednesday.
So if you are in the area please drop by and see us at stand D100.
It’s starting to cool down a little now as evening is starting to draw in… So I’m off for a little wander around under the palm trees before we grab a bite to eat.
If I get a chance later in the week I’ll blog/post a bit more about how the show goes.


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