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BETT Middle East with BfB.. The next part!



We managed to get the stand finished in time! Collected the 3DTouch from the carriers early this morning and sneaked in with it through the front door… No small feat with a huge cardboard box!
Almost immediately we were inundated with a crowd of interested people from all parts of the Middle East and beyond. Lecturers, teachers, principals, technicians and students have all visited us… And in particular the students were buzzing with excitement having never seen anything like a 3D printer before.
From the point of view of my educational interest in 3D printing and Design & Technology in general I have learned so much. The basic structure of the curriculum for D&T is very similar to the UK… But I think that perhaps the inclusion of new technologies such as 3D printing has yet to be developed. And students could learn so much from being introduced to the possibilities of prototyping and manufacturing products in this way.
The BETT Middle East show was interesting to wander around… I think I expected more high tech than there was on show… Maybe part of the reason why the BfB stand was kept constantly busy.
Anyway, my feet are tired and a nice cool shower is waiting ( yes it’s still boiling hot here) so I’m going to finish for now. I probably won’t get time to post after the show tomorrow as we have to catch pack up and catch our flight… Hopefully I’ll do a final report when we get home.

Sorry, I’ve not found a way to post photos from my iPad yet… Will add some later if I find out how to do it!


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