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RapMan 3.2 -New Touchscreen Version


I just noticed that there is a new version of RapMan available on the BfB Website/store…. RapMan 3.2…. touchscreen!!!  just like the 3DTouch…. nice!!


Fantastic for us older users with failing eyesight…. And brilliant for students too J

BFB T&L Resources now also on the TES Website

I have uploaded the BfB Teaching and Learning Resources onto the TES (Times Educational Supplement) Teaching Resources website… For easier access (???)  http://www.tes.co.uk/mypublicprofile.aspx?uc=386049 … note to download you need to make an account and sign in.

These are the project ideas and "how to" guides etc for BfB 3D Printers that are freely available on the BfB wiki http://wiki.bitsfrombytes.com/index.php/Main_Page#Education …. this is the central store of these resources and new projects are posted here first.

Hope this helps all the educators and students out there!


3D models from photos

I’ve just found some software by Autodesk that can create 3D models from photographs… maybe suitable for 3D printing!!!

It’s called 123D Catch… it will export 3D models in .obj format so they will need to be converted to .stl in a program such as meshlab and I suspect that some mesh editing will be needed to make them into manifold objects etc.

I haven’t had time to experiment yet .. you need at least 3 different photos of an object to make the model, it’s getting late in the evening and my camera batteries are dead … grrrr.

If you fancy a go yourself the software can be found here http://www.123dapp.com/catch … just wondering how I can use this in school with my students 🙂

iPad stand

The other day I was using my iPad to read a PDF file (some instructions) whilst I was doing some electronics work. Of course the iPad kept getting in the way so I propped it up against the wall behind my desk… With my ageing eyesight it was too far away! So time to 3D print an iPad stand 🙂
Not exactly the most elegant design but it works. I can see the possibilities of using this in the kitchen too for reading recipes whilst cooking, but maybe need to find a splash proof cover of some sort and also a way to scroll the screen without getting flour and butter on the glass!

the .stl file for this stand is posted on the Bits from Bytes forum… http://www.bitsfrombytes.com/forum/post/printed-ipad-stand 

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