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Tealight holder with a Christmas theme

It’s a good job Christmas is only once a year (bah, humbug)… I got home from school this evening and my wife was waiting for me to do the dreaded job of putting up the tree and making it pretty with lights…. (yuk). It’s not that I hate Christmas it’s just that I can never get the lights to work and I always manage to get grubby marks on the carpet from the tree trunk. Anyway to put this job off a bit longer I somehow found that I urgently needed to 3D print a tealight holder… (Mrs W likes the nice glow of candles and soppy stuff like that so I’m on safe ground there). And here’s the result in these pictures… looks really Christmassy in translucent red PLA I think as it sort of sparkles. And hopefully Mrs W will like it so much I will be forgiven for not putting the tree and lights in the lounge!!!!

On a technical point… it’s amazing how much this object overhangs… you would have thought it would need support material, but amazingly it prints very nicely without it. And finally, never leave candles burning unattended… it wouldn’t be nice to have to spend Christmas in temporary accommodation after burning down the house.


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