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I lost it!

Ok, I’ve left myself open to comments like “what do you mean, you lost it ages ago” … Well what I really lost was a tiny bolt from my 3D Touch printer ( yes, that will teach me for messing around with it). Anyway, the bolt dropped down a gap between my desk and a filing cabinet that my printer stands on and I really didn’t want to start moving that lot around…. So…
All I needed was one of those clever “magnet on a stick” thingies, but I haven’t got one. But I do have an aerial (antenna) from an old FM radio and a 10mm rare earth magnet, only problem… How do I fix them together (blue tack only resulted in the magnet sticking to the metal filing cabinet).
So I printed a little adapter …. Result, one retrieved bolt and a new “magnet on a stick thingy” for my toolbox.
Attached are some shockingly poor photos of the thingy, a CAD render and the adapter in Axon

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