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Bespoke USB sticks

 The students in my year 9 CAD/CAM integrated project groups have all come together with different amounts of experience, some having done work with the 3D program Creo/elements pro and others having done none at all. And very few have experience of actually designing for 3D printing. So we did a fairly quick introductory project to help get everyone to the same skills level.

This introductory project was to design and 3D print a custom case for a USB stick. As you can see from the photos there are some very interesting designs. Hopefully some more photos will be posted when the students have printed their design…. And then on to the main project!

 I have posted some Free to download teaching and learning resources for this project on the Bits from Bytes wiki http://wiki.bitsfrombytes.com/index.php/Bespoke_USB_Stick



  1. Anonymous says:

    pic 4 is epic the others r good 2
    Mr White must be a very good teacher

  2. Dave White says:

    Glad you like the pictures Josh… somehow I suspect that pic 4 is your design!!??
    Thanks for finding my blog, thanks for letting me use your work to show others and thanks for your comment.
    … and great to see you think I’m a good teacher…. Good teacher maybe, but certainly a cool one!!! 🙂

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