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Axon manual and video clips

When starting out with 3D printing there are often questions about generating the g-code that is used to drive the machines.  With BfB machines this is done with the Axon 2 program …. So it looks like the guys at BfB have created a very comprehensive manual for Axon and some supporting videos. Worth reading as many of the problems have simple solutions that have been fully documented already…. And there is some great advice about designing your objects, rafts, fills, layers, speeds, support material, wall thickness etc.

The video clips can be found here www.youtube.com/axon3dsoft

And the manual can be found by visiting the "Support>technical resources" section of the website (button on the blue bar at the top of the BfB website pages) then click on the "how to print" link alongside the pictures of the different printers, and finally click the Axon picture at the bottom of the page (sorry for the long description, I couldn’t post a link as you would need the login details and password for that section of the site)


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