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Blogging and Tweeting


As many of you who regularly read by blog (I’m still amazed how many hits I get for my blog posts) will know I am the Head of D&T at Clevedon School in the UK…. And some of you will have seen that I tweet too!! But you might not know where to find me in the “twittersphere” or “blogosphere” (are those really words?) … here goes with an update of my contacts

This blog: http://rapman-education.posterous.com/ (specifically about 3D printing in education, but with a few bits of news about other interesting developments thrown in)

My twitter name: @davewhite60 (usually about 3D printing in education, but other stuff sneaks in occasionally)

My school D&T department blog: http://www.clevedonschool.org.uk/blogs/products/ (not just 3D printing but also news of students, projects and developments in my school department)

My school D&T department twitter name: @clevedondt (just for tweeting about my department)

So, why not visit the blogs and maybe follow on twitter…. It will be interesting to see what develops.


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