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Students improve products with 3D printing

If you browse back through this blog to an entry I made on 2nd February “improving products with 3D printing” I showcased some of the work done by my students in designing and 3D printing prototypes of improved products…. Here is just a taster of how a simple design has evolved with the help of the relatively rapid modelling that can be done with 3D printing…. Our 3D Systems Bits from Bytes machines are really being put through their paces!

In the photo galley in this post you can see how this model has changed… The original red model was intended to be used with the opener pointing towards the finger tips… Through testing the student has decided to reverse this. The finger rings have now been angled to be a little more ergonomic and the design is now approaching something that would be viable. … Forgot to say that this design is intended for domestic and commercial use… It is now the sort of design that a barman could “wear” throughout a shift behind the bar and have a bottle opener “to hand” and ready for instant use whenever there is a need to open a bottle…. Just writing about this is making me drool… I could crack open a cool bottle right now!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    The most successful companies have adopted 3D printing as a critical part of the iterative design process to increase innovation, improve communication, and reduce development costs.

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