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RC revolution … And a new competition!

Checking in on the Bits from Bytes blog I came across a brilliant example of a RC car designed and built by one of the BfB crew using a 3D Touch printer. All the parts (apart from electrical ones and the nuts and bolts) have been printed in ABS or PLA. Very impressive!

I couldn’t help but notice that the guys at BfB have also launched a new 3D printing competition with some fab prizes. Check out their blog http://rapmanv3.blogspot.co.uk/ … Information is inside the RC revolution post. Judging is by “likes” on their Facebook page… And as for rules… Very few, so why not send in your entry and maybe you (or your school) could be a winner.

photos courtesy of BfB


3D Printed iPad Sound Deflector

I’ve been ferreting around looking for new project ideas for 3D printing with my year 9 students and where better to look for inspiration than Thingiverse? Ok this “research” has spawned a few ideas… But more of that later… But I did come across an intriguing device to fit onto an iPad. This device designed by “tomlombardi” clips over the speaker grid on the rear of the iPad and redirects the sound forwards. I was a little sceptical about the idea but thought I would give it a go… So I downloaded the file http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:16140 and printed it out…. Amazing results… The sound is most definitely redirected towards the front, it sounds louder and clearer and of course with the iPad on a stand to watch video or listen to music there is probably a little less sound disturbance for others in the room.

Anyway that’s deflected me away from doing some proper work… Suppose I had better get back to it.


3D Printing for Microcontrollers

One of the things I have been intending to do this year is to look at updating the ‘systems and control’ work that we do with students in year 8. We have been using the “Picaxe” micro controllers but with the developments that have been going on I decided that we might need to look at Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Both of these systems cost considerably more than Picaxe so before doing some experimenting with students I thought that it might be good to put the boards in some kind of container.

So I found a lovely printable Raspberry Pi case on Thingiverse and printed it in nice shiny red PLA. As you can see in the pictures it came out very well…. But what about Arduino? I couldn’t find anything suitable so I fired up my PC and using Creo2 designed my own, again in lovely red PLA.

Well, so far so good… Now to get down to learning how to program!


Claystruder 2

Back in 2011 I had the pleasure of meeting up with Dries Verbruggen aka “Unfold” when he visited Bits from Bytes HQ. I had a great time with Unfold showing me his Claystruder for 3D printing with clay, mashed potato and chocolate paste. Using his claystruder and a RapMan machine he produced some lovely clay pots that could probably not be produced by any other pottery/ceramics technique.

Anyway, Unfold has been at it again… And has updated his claystruder. I’m now just wondering what wonderful ceramic designs he will come up with next?

The design for his claystruder has been uploaded to thingiverse where you can find more details, or why not visit his blog here http://unfoldfab.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/road-to-better-paste-extrusion-episode.html

And to see some more of his fantastic ceramic creations check them out here http://unfoldfab.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/print-print-print.html

Note. Photos are from Unfold’s blog/website http://www.unfold.be by Kristof Vrancken

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