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Upgrade for our trusty workhorse 3D printer


I can’t even contemplate how many prints have been done on our trusty workhorse 3D printer in school. Our BfB3000 has done so many prints that I’ve had to flip over the acrylic bed AND replace it a couple of times… So time for an upgrade to the newer black composite bed. I’ve been using one of these for nearly a year on my personal 3D Touch with no problems, they really are superb!

But that’s not the end of the upgrades… After 2 years of constant use the OLED display started acting up and started to display random characters. I had come across this before on our ancient RapMan 3.0 and it is probably due to dodgy connections to the pcb …the atmosphere in my workshop is far from ideal, temperatures fluctuate and it can get a bit damp, not exactly ideal conditions for the electronics. So it’s also time for a screen replacement.

Having received the screen kit from Bits from Bytes it was only a simple matter of removing the old screen, a couple of solder joints and a new front panel for the control box… Pretty easy really! … Just don’t forget the firmware upgrade too!

So, our BfB3000 has a new lease of life and I have the added benefit of a bigger screen (old age does seem to bring diminishing quality of eyesight). I’ll just have to finish the final set up tomorrow (bed levelling and z height) and we’ll be fully up and running again.

So….Looking forwards to another couple of years printing with our trusty BfB printer!


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