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Axon 3 released


A real flurry of activity over the last few days… first my visit to do a presentation for the DfE and then playing with the new release of Axon.

Axon 3 is not yet the full version.. this is an alpha release and has only had limited testing and some of the features are not included yet. But having installed it (and updated the firmware) I have been doing a bit of testing…. and wow!

It is blisteringly fast!!!

The user interface is very familiar to anyone who has used Axon 2 but when it comes to processing stl files to generate g-code to drive a 3D Touch (this release doesn’t work for earlier machines yet) you start to notice some differences…

Speed, As mentioned it is blisteringly fast. it looks like its slicing is done by its own engine and not skeinforge.

Rafts. Much stronger rafts are made to fix objects firmly to the bed

Support. There is the option to print support as points or lines, I haven’t had much time to play with this yet but it looks like the support that is automatically generated is much better- only printing it where necessary.

Print quality. The quality of the test prints I have done so far are superb. As yet there is no materials profile editor, just the ability to select one of 3 different z layer thicknesses, but the standard settings have handled everthing I have thrown at it so far.

Multi material prints. It is now possible to print objects in up to 3 colours (assuming you have a tripple head machine). now there is no need to load a “combined material” file just load the 3 stl files that represent each of the colours/materials.

Nozzle wipes. Ok, probably should be in a report about the firmware, (but the Axon/firmware updates go hand in hand)… this has been very much improved… no more nose dribbles being pulled onto the print… I just have to stop panicing when the heads make multiple moves over the wiper 🙂

Anyway, thats a brief summary, I have probably missed something from the list so I’ll update if I find any more features.

Already this looks like the best version of Axon so far, BfB/3DS have stuck to keeping the software clean and simple to use. I haven’t found any significant problems yet and as it is further developed and more features are added I’m pretty certain this will be a fantastic piece of slicing software. 

The software can be downloaded from the Support/Technical Resources section of the BfB website


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