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123D Design

At last a free 3D design app for the iPad that can be used for 3D printing!

Autodesk have just released the 123D app for the iPad and at first sight it appears to be quite useable. Designs can be created from simple primitives and modified by stretching, rotating, shelling, chamfering, rounding etc. The design can be saved to the iPad for further editing or exported to the cloud. The designed object can be downloaded to a PC (or mac?) using the 123D design program…and saved as an stl file for printing!

The iPad app is truly intuitive to use… I was creating printable objects within minutes. Best of all it’s not necessary to be a CAD expert in fact anyone with a little experience using Trimble (Google) Sketchup will in their element with this app.

I’m pretty certain that this will open up new possibilities for students to be designing and making with iPads and 3D printers. I can’t wait to try it out with students to see what they produce… iPads paired with our RapMan, BfB3000/3D Touch printers look like being a fantastic combination for student creativity.



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