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3D printing at university

Some wonderful new 3D printing developments have been happening over the last few weeks that I couldn’t omit from my blog…

Early in November Ian Major from 3DS / Bits from Bytes presented a 3D Touch printer to the University of Bristol for use by their students. See the attached photos.

On the BfB forum the university also posted the following …. “The 3DTouch in the atrium of the Merchant Venturer’s Building in the University of Bristol has been available to the students for just over a week now and has been in almost continuous use. So far the student have mostly been using it to print cases for their Raspberry Pis, though there has also been a Rubics Cube and I did a Venus de Milo to decorate my desk”.

In another development the University of Warwick has just erased some information about some amazing new composite material that they are using for 3DP. The material that they are calling “Carbomorph” is conductive and is being used in some really interesting ways… Flex sensors, capacitive interfaces, and more. Check out this web page for more information http://www.3ders.org/articles/20121122-printing-electronic-sensors-using-low-… . This new material looks like it could have some real impact on 3DP projects made by students in schools if/when it becomes available.

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