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New bed and waste bin

Last week I popped into BfB HQ for a chat with the guys there and noticed that the 3D Touch machines they are starting to ship had a few different parts to mine…. These updates are cool, I just had to have them!

So Friday evening saw me with Allen keys (hex key) and spanner in hand, fitting the new goodies.

The first thing I fitted was the new waste bin … It has a new spring mounted wiper blade, it fits around the mounting bars front and back, and if you wondered why the new firmware causes the hot ends to dance around when they wipe, then here’s the answer… There is a new “flicker” that removes the balls of filament that sometimes form and stick behind the blade. Fitting this update has made a real difference to printing with support material… The occasional bit of support material that inadvertently got dragged into the main part just doesn’t happen!

And the other goodie I took home… The new bed! There has been some talk on the BfB forum that this is “dibond” (thin aluminium sheets on both sides with a non aluminium core). I can assure you it’s NOT DIBOND! There are two layers… The bottom one is aluminium and the top is a black plastic similar, but harder than the surface on previous models…. It is absolutely flat and looks like it will stay that way! ABS and PLA both stick well and as the surface seems to be a bit harder it doesn’t scratch or show marks from the raft as much as the previous ones did. I did a couple of quite large raftless PLA prints, they stuck well and came out really smooth (If you try it you do so at your own risk) I found that getting them off the bed when still warm was perhaps a little easier.

Anyway, both of these new parts are a great addition to the 3D Touch. It looks like new machines will start to ship with these soon and I think they will appear in the BfB store shortly.


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