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Welcome to the new home for my 3D printing bog

I have had to move my blog to another platform.

But the good news is that you have found here… https://3dprintineducation.wordpress.com/

Like the new name, eh?

Why have I moved? Nothing sinister, it's simply because I use the Blogsy iPad app to do most of my blogging and since early December 2012 Blogsy has not been able to access my old blog through the Posterous API.

My apologies to those who regularly visit my blog (and there are quite a few of you according to the analytics).
If you are a regular visitor please update any favourites or bookmarks to my new address, and if you are a new visitor please add this link to keep up to date with the news https://3dprintineducation.wordpress.com/

I have transferred everything I could from the old blog and you should find all the older posts below this one. And hopefully all the other links and pages have copied across too.

Best wishes


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