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Year 9 D&T CAD/CAM and #3dprinting

Some of my current Year 9 (12 years old) D&T projects are really progressing. Here in the photo are a couple of projects that are nearing completion of the practical work. These are the designs that have been 3D printed using one of the Bits from Bytes 3D printers (Hopefully more pictures will follow when some of the other projects are completed)

The students chose the area of D&T they wanted to specialise in for a 10 week block… And this group chose CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacture). The students were set a task to design and make a “Bespoke USB Stick”. They have done most of the design work using CAD software (Creo Parametric, 123D Design or Inventor) and some have been very experimental and instead of designing using PC programs they have used the 123D Design app on their iPads…. Perhaps some of the first students to do this!

All the students in this group have chosen to record their work in an e-portfolio… Ok, not a real e-portfolio but using PowerPoint on a PC or Keynote on their iPads. Using the iPads has been very successful so far, it has meant that students have been able to photograph their paper based sketches and add them straight into their portfolio and screen shots of their work on PCs has been emailed to themselves for inclusion too…. As well as doing some of the actual design work in 123D Design.

It is really impressive how the students in these groups have embraced the use of new technologies (3D Printing and iPads) and incorporated this into their projects… Well done year 9!



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