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Cubify (3DS) Cube and #3DPrinting for school

Really excited… I've just been given access to a 3D Systems (Cubify) Cube printer to try out.

You may already be aware that at Clevedon School we have been using 3D printers with students since the early days of this technology and have gained quite a lot of experience having built a RapMan and regularly using a BfB3000/3DTouch. So I was a little sceptical of this tiny desktop machine….. But here are my first impressions.


I managed to get from box to first print in less than an hour and that included downloading and installing the software and activating the Cube online. Everything else you need to get up and running is in the box. The instructions (in a tiny booklet) are very clear and easy to follow… I would recommend reading the instructions as you go along (even though I'm the sort of person who usually skips this).

So, PLA filament is loaded, I've used the special glue stick to coat the glass bed (oops new terminology, I really should get used to calling it “print pad”) to help the print stick to it and I've sent the file to the Cube via wifi (that's a new experience for me!) … Just have to wait for it to finish.

The print quality looks to be superb, but I'm too impatient to get this blog post published so photos of the results will have to wait I'm afraid.

And as for my next I steps…. I'll just do a couple more prints to really test the Cube -something complex and in need of support structures …and then get my students using it, I'm sure they will love it! And I think I'm going to love it's portability.

More to follow no doubt, … Watch this space!

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  1. Sarah says:

    While not the cheapest 3D Printer on the market, I’m willing to pay for convenience for non-technical users!

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