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@Teach_Design Tech Centres … Good to go!

Yesterday saw me getting up really early (too early for a Saturday!) for a long drive from Clevedon to York for the launch of the Teach Design Tech Centres (TDTC).

To be factually correct it was “launch mkII” as the storm back in October meant that only some of the centres could travel down to Clevedon for the first meeting.

After an introduction from the Teach Design guys we got down to the business of looking at what the centres would be able to provide to local schools…. Including 3D printing with 3D Systems machines, Autodesk Inventor, VEX robotics, Cleapss health and safety and a whole lot more.

…And then a quick introduction to “3D printing in schools” by yours truly and some practical advice on “how to get started” by Iain Major (from 3D Systems) with the Cube and CubeX machines.

Lunch, taken on the hoof, brought the opportunity for some informal networking amongst the team and a sneaky look around the facilities at Steve's school to see what ideas could be “magpied”.

After wrapping up the meeting it was time to pack up and head south on our 3.5hr journey (thanks for the lift Iain!)

Everyone left buzzing with excitement with the great things to come from the 20 TDTCs go online in January 2014 to provide training across the UK ….for teachers, by teachers!

So, if the development of the TDTCs has whetted your apatite for some training in up to date D&T keep an eye on the Teach Design website. http://www.teachdesign.org.uk


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