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FABRICATED The new world of #3D printing

Look at what dropped through my post box today!

Really excited as I was fortunate enough to contribute towards the writing of this book…. Well at least chapter 9 “A factory in the classroom”.

I haven't yet had a chance to read the book in its entirety but dipping onto it at random I must say that Hod Lipson and Melba Kurman have certainly hit the nail on the head in their practical and imaginative insight into the question… “How will 3D printing change my life”?

To quote from the back cover of the book… “What would you create if you had a machine that could make (almost) anything? Fabricated offers you practical and imaginative insight into the question, “How will 3D printing change my life?” This book is an informative and fast-paced exploration of 3D printing technologies and the people who use them. You'll take a journey to design studios, businesses, schools, and cutting-edge research labs. Based on hundreds of hours of interviews, Fabricated explores the promise and peril of a 3D printed present and future. Businesses will be liberated from the tyrannies of economies of scale Factories and global supply chains will shrink, finding themselves closer to their customers The law, already reeling from digital media, will once again need to be redefined Our environment might breathe easier in a 3D printed economy, or it could choke on a rising tide of plastic 3D printed digital and intelligent, adaptive materials will change our relationship with the physical world If you're intrigued with new technology, business strategy, popular science, or the social impact of technology, Fabricated will fascinate you”.

So, if you are an engineer, educator, designer, or in business there is something in this book for you. The chapters covered are… 1 Everything is becoming science fiction. 2 A machine that can make almost anything. 3 Nimble manufacturing: good, fast and cheap. 4 Tomorrow's economy of printable products. 5 Printing in layers. 6 Design software, the digital canvas. 7 Bioprinting in “living ink”. 8 Digital cuisine. 9 A factory in the classroom. 10 Unleashing a new aesthetic. 11 Green, clean manufacturing. 12 Ownership, safety, and new legal frontiers. 13 Designing the future. 14 The next episode of 3D printing.

The great thing about this book is that it isn't a simple “how to use a 3D printer” publication… At the current rate of progress in 3D printing that would be obsolete before it even reached the shelves, this book seeks to explore some of the deeper implications of 3D printing…. How this technology can change our lives!

The book is available in printed and ebook formats, and here is a link to it on Amazon.


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