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Case Study

You may have seen in the printing section of the BfB forum some of the fantastic prints that Marco has done for his company.   Forum post   The project is about terrain printing and a hydro-electric dam.


Marco (Sigma Design in Italy) very kindly sent me some designs, drawings, photos and information about this project to enable me to produce a case study.

This type of case study is extremely valuable for students as it shows them how 3D printing is used “in the real world” of business and industry. And of course the prints were done using a RapMan   

The link to this case study is here- Case Study – Dam project

… and of course a huge thank you to Marco for sending me the files and information that made this possible.

PS. If anyone else has similar information about a “real world” project that they wouldn’t mind being made into a case study then please contact me and I will put together a .pdf that can be used in education…. and of course your business will get a free advert




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