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More product improvements with 3D printing by students

 Following my previous blog post I couldn’t miss posting about this product model by one of my students.

As you can see from the photos this student has tackled a project to design an improved pencil sharpener.

This is intended to be a non functional model exploring the ergonomics of the design and some aspects of the functionality such as the hinged waste bin and aesthetics.

A very promising project… I will hopefully post some more as it develops, so keep checking back here!


Improving products with 3D printing

 Our AS Level students at Clevedon School are doing some fantastic coursework projects. Their main project is to design and model an improved version of an existing product… Including some innovative ideas.

As you can see in the photo some of the students have chosen to design improved kitchen products including bottle openers and a pizza cutter. These products need to be ergonomic (designed to fit the human body) and made to a standard where they can be tested.

The products shown in the photo are not their final finished designs but have been made to do some initial testing to check the ergonomics, that the sizes are suitable and most importantly that they will work. To help the students with this they decided to make their prototypes by designing their products using Creo Elements/pro 3D design software and then 3D printing them on our RapMan and BfB3000 printers.

I can’t wait to see what their final designs look like!

Kideville. A 3D printing project in UK primary schools

Kideville is a fantastic 3D printing project for primary school children using 3D Systems Bits from Bytes printers.

This YouTube clip is an interview with Dejan Mitrovic talking at the Victoria and Albert museum in London, UK about his Kide project. Dejan talksabout using a 3D Systems, Bits From Bytes BFB3000 3D printer to build houses for his Kideville project. Each building is designed by a student in primary education before being draw in to a 3D CAD package and then 3D printed with the Bits From Bytes machine.


More details of the project can be found here http://www.kideville.com/


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