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Wind tunnel project for 3D printing

A new Teaching and Learning resource for 3D printing on the BfB wiki…

Design and make a Wind Tunnel… This resource suggests ways to make a small wind tunnel using 3D printed parts and a few other odds and ends to test the aerodynamic forces on different models. Different models can be 3D printed and tested to compare their efficiency. This project will be suitable for Design and Technology, Science and maybe Mathematics.




D&T erupts into Geography

It was one of those days today where a “magic moment” happened in school. Isn’t it just wonderful when this happens. One of my students who helped out with a presentation about 3D printing for a visitor earlier this week (see the earlier post “To baldly go”) came to see me about his Geography homework… Really strange as I’m a D&T teacher! It turned out that he had to do a project homework about how a volcano works.

This student had started to make connections in his mind. He now knows a bit about 3D printing and he did some independent research and stumbled across the teaching and learning resources I published on the BfB wiki http://wiki.bitsfrombytes.com/index.php/Geography_-_Mount_Saint_Helens_Volcano … So he downloaded the files and asked if we could print them… How could I refuse?

… And his Geography teacher was really pleased to receive models of Mt St Helen’s before and after it erupted.

Colour 3D Printing


BfB 3D printers with multiple heads can print in multiple colours! 

Using BfB Axon software and suitable .stl files this is virtually automatic. Quite a few users of these machines have had a go and ok it’s not a brand new capability but the technical guys at BfB have taken things a bit further and printed a huge globe …. Great for lessons where D&T meets Geography.


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