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Data Conference Presentation

Almost forgot…. when I got back from the DATA “Digital D&T” conference I did say that I would post a copy of my presentation…. here it is


DATA Conference Rapman.pdf
Download this file

Just got back from the DATA Conference at Keele University

Just got back home 8.45pm UK time… 150 mile trip
As promised I’m reporting back on how the conference went 

BRILLIANT… I really enjoyed it J I ran 2 seminar/workshop sessions of about one hour in the morning and afternoon to a good sized audience each time (sorry didn’t count them) They were teachers, lecturers, advisors etc all specialising in D&T so a fairly knowledgeable lot.

The presentations went down really well (even though the university’s IT system refused to produce sound for my video clips ) … I will post a copy of the presentation later (after I’ve annotated it)

Interestingly there were a few “Dimension” owners in the audience…. Their expressions were very interesting* when I mentioned about initial cost, running costs and showed them the quality of output… Ok you can see a difference but it’s not 20-40X better on a Dimension… I would rather spend the cash on having 20-40 RapMan machines than buy one Dimension. I would be happy to have one in each of my workshops!…. ok, so I can dream a little
* for interesting read “green with envy”

If BfB don’t get a few sales from my presentation and seeing a BfB3000 “in the flesh” I would be very surprised


PS the BfB3000 and the BfB Axon software were a dream.. fantastic combination and excellent results… and the machine survived bouncing around in the back of my car perfectly well… (the BfB 3000 road test …and I’m fairly certain I can hide the evidence of my little printing mistake  from the BfB guys…oops… you would have thought by now that I would know the difference between the z+ and z- buttons)



The Design and Technology Association Education and International Research Conference 2010

Keele University,UK.  Wednesday 7 – Friday 9 July 2010

Link to the conference page of the DATA website

I have been invited to contribute to the DATA Conference on the 7th July 2010 by running two lectures/workshops, These will be one hour sessions with potentially 50 international teachers, lecturers, advisors, consultants and government representatives etc at each of the sessions…. and the general theme is Digital Design & Technology, I will of course be focussing on 3D printing and RapMan.

This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase what RapMan can do in schools, colleges and universities to enhance student’s learning.

I will be showing the work done by my students and the Teaching/Learning resources that have been produced and the support systems that are in place via the wiki and forum (i.e. you guys !)

And now I start asking for some help!!!! I would really like to show the international nature of RapMan… I can already show how you guys helped me to develop the wind turbine project for schools, but i would like to show more than just the objects printed at my school, so…. I woud be really grateful if you guys out there in schools, colleges, or universities could send me some quality photos of the work your students have been doing.
The best way to do this would be to attach some photos to this post on the BfB forum- DATA Conference , or the thread …Printing Examples… show your best printing projects here!    or by PM. I will of course fully credit anything that I use. …. the only thing I would not be able to use a photos of students (I would have to get written permission from parents etc to publish these).

Anyway, I’m really excited about this conference (and a little aprehensive  Wink ) and really looking forwards to recieving any help you guys might be able to give by sending examples etc.

Many thanks, in anticipation.


D&T Practice. The DATA magazine

D&T Practice- the Design & Technology publication for professionals – Published by DATA The Design & Technology Association, (issue4 2010) has published a feature on RapMan. The article explains about Technology Supplies Ltd (TSL) – the exclusive distributor of RapMan to Education in the UK, showcasing RapMan at BETT 2010. It goes on to explain that BfB and RapMan was the winner of a BETT award for “Best Digital Device”.

Also there are details of the pilot RapMan Project that is now running in schools in Scotland. The schools showcased their RapMan Machines at the Celebration for Science Event in Glasgow on June 11th 2010.

Download this file
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