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@Teach_Design Tech Centres … Good to go!

Yesterday saw me getting up really early (too early for a Saturday!) for a long drive from Clevedon to York for the launch of the Teach Design Tech Centres (TDTC).

To be factually correct it was “launch mkII” as the storm back in October meant that only some of the centres could travel down to Clevedon for the first meeting.

After an introduction from the Teach Design guys we got down to the business of looking at what the centres would be able to provide to local schools…. Including 3D printing with 3D Systems machines, Autodesk Inventor, VEX robotics, Cleapss health and safety and a whole lot more.

…And then a quick introduction to “3D printing in schools” by yours truly and some practical advice on “how to get started” by Iain Major (from 3D Systems) with the Cube and CubeX machines.

Lunch, taken on the hoof, brought the opportunity for some informal networking amongst the team and a sneaky look around the facilities at Steve's school to see what ideas could be “magpied”.

After wrapping up the meeting it was time to pack up and head south on our 3.5hr journey (thanks for the lift Iain!)

Everyone left buzzing with excitement with the great things to come from the 20 TDTCs go online in January 2014 to provide training across the UK ….for teachers, by teachers!

So, if the development of the TDTCs has whetted your apatite for some training in up to date D&T keep an eye on the Teach Design website. http://www.teachdesign.org.uk



@3DSystemscorp Partners With @Teach_Design For UK Education Initiative

Great news announced today…. Check out the 3D Systems press release..

November 20, 2013: Leading 3D printing manufacturer 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) today announced an innovative partnership with Teach Design, a not-for-profit organisation set up to provide very low cost training to UK Design Technology teachers.

Twenty regional Teach Design Tech Centres are being established in secondary schools across the UK and will be equipped with award-winning 3D Systems Cubeand CubeX 3D printers which will be made available for use across the curriculum by both primary and secondary schools.

The move by 3D Systems ensures that teachers will be able to learn how to maximise the use of 3D printers in the classroom, not just in design technology but across all areas of the curriculum. The machines will also be made available to STEMNET ambassadors to promote 3D printing in their voluntary work with children.

3D Systems UK Education Co-ordinator Iain Major said, “This partnership with Teach Design is very exciting as training is the key to ensuring that both staff and students can get the most from this cutting edge technology. 3D printing is a wonderful medium to allow students to understand the processes of designing for production and discover their innovation potential as we live in the time of the circular economy. It is going to be very exciting to see what students come up with.”

Teach Design’s co-founder Phil Holton said “We are delighted with the generous donation of these fabulous machines. We plan to train thousands of teachers in the use of the Cube and CubeX printers to get the most from using them in class. We will also be publishing lots of project resources for teachers to use with their students.”

Learn more about 3D Systems commitment to education today.

DfE report… 3D printers in schools: uses in the curriculum

The Department for Education in England has published a report on 3D printing in schools to enrich STEM and design subjects.

Download the document here

The document looks at the experiences of 21 schools using 3D printers for the first time in Science, Maths and D&T.

A write up on the Telegraph newspaper goes on to say thet £500K will be invested to allow 60 teaching schools to buy printers and train teachers to use them effectively.


Ever wondered how a @Cubify #3DPrinter is made?

3D printers these days are precision well engineered machines… Well that can certainly be said of the 3D Systems / Cubify CubeX.

But ever wondered how they are made? Here is a brilliant report by Fabaloo that sheds a little light on the process at the factory in Clevedon UK.

Link to the report on the Fabaloo blog



Welcome to the new home for my 3D printing bog

I have had to move my blog to another platform.

But the good news is that you have found here… https://3dprintineducation.wordpress.com/

Like the new name, eh?

Why have I moved? Nothing sinister, it's simply because I use the Blogsy iPad app to do most of my blogging and since early December 2012 Blogsy has not been able to access my old blog through the Posterous API.

My apologies to those who regularly visit my blog (and there are quite a few of you according to the analytics).
If you are a regular visitor please update any favourites or bookmarks to my new address, and if you are a new visitor please add this link to keep up to date with the news https://3dprintineducation.wordpress.com/

I have transferred everything I could from the old blog and you should find all the older posts below this one. And hopefully all the other links and pages have copied across too.

Best wishes


Cubex A new 3D printer


Introducing the new 3D printer from 3D Systems … The Cubex (big brother to the Cube printer).
It has a huge print bed (just like its predecessor the Bits from Bytes 3D Touch). 3 colour printing and new software.

Cool!…. I’ll have to start saving for one of these!

Further details from the Cubify website http://cubify.com/cubex/index.aspx?tb_cubex_learn

3D printing at university

Some wonderful new 3D printing developments have been happening over the last few weeks that I couldn’t omit from my blog…

Early in November Ian Major from 3DS / Bits from Bytes presented a 3D Touch printer to the University of Bristol for use by their students. See the attached photos.

On the BfB forum the university also posted the following …. “The 3DTouch in the atrium of the Merchant Venturer’s Building in the University of Bristol has been available to the students for just over a week now and has been in almost continuous use. So far the student have mostly been using it to print cases for their Raspberry Pis, though there has also been a Rubics Cube and I did a Venus de Milo to decorate my desk”.

In another development the University of Warwick has just erased some information about some amazing new composite material that they are using for 3DP. The material that they are calling “Carbomorph” is conductive and is being used in some really interesting ways… Flex sensors, capacitive interfaces, and more. Check out this web page for more information http://www.3ders.org/articles/20121122-printing-electronic-sensors-using-low-… . This new material looks like it could have some real impact on 3DP projects made by students in schools if/when it becomes available.

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