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#3Dprinting video at Clevedon School

A few weeks ago a film crew from UWE (University of the West of England) came into school to make a “Breakfast TV” style program about 3D printing… Of course, where better to go than Clevedon School to interview Mr White and one of the GCSE Product Design students.

The program not only shows 3D Printing at Clevedon School but also some of the research taking place at UWE…. Can you believe that they are actually printing 3D objects with ice cream!

Anyway, here is the video clip… Watch out for Tyler and Mr White about half way through the video…. Enjoy!

And thanks to the guys at UWE for letting me use this clip.


3D printing @ Clevedon School …a video

I have taken quite a few photos of 3D printing projects done by my students and found them all lurking on my iPad. Rather than just delete them off I decided to put them together into a short video clip… You might recognise the projects from some of my recent blog posts!

Ok, not earth shattering stuff, but I enjoyed doing it.



FYI … I used the Animoto app on my iPad to make the video. Animoto can also be used free on PC and Mac by visiting their website. Educators can sign up for a free account that enables longer videos and give you a code for student use too!

Support material removal revisited

Before reading this post It might be worth reading a blog entry that I made back in January 2011 http://rapman-education.posterous.com/safe-support-material-removal-that-really-wor

In that post I revealed that PLA support material can be removed from an ABS printed object using hot water (or for a quicker but riskier result you can use caustic soda NaOH). The hot water method requires the object is kept in hot water for 36 to 48 hours…. But this is a little difficult to do. Help is at hand though as 3D Systems Bits from Bytes now supplies ultrasonic tanks that will contain the liquid and keep it hot.

These might seem a little pricy but certainly In schools where safety is so important it’s a worthwhile investment if you regularly print with PLA support material.

3D Systems Bits from Bytes have just released a video on YouTube that shows you how it’s done.


Kideville. A 3D printing project in UK primary schools

Kideville is a fantastic 3D printing project for primary school children using 3D Systems Bits from Bytes printers.

This YouTube clip is an interview with Dejan Mitrovic talking at the Victoria and Albert museum in London, UK about his Kide project. Dejan talksabout using a 3D Systems, Bits From Bytes BFB3000 3D printer to build houses for his Kideville project. Each building is designed by a student in primary education before being draw in to a 3D CAD package and then 3D printed with the Bits From Bytes machine.


More details of the project can be found here http://www.kideville.com/


Worlds smallest 3D printer

Ok so we have a RapMan and BfB 3000 printer in school… And I’m really pleased with them and what they can do…. But this is really impressive… The worlds smallest 3D printer!


Wonder how I can get my hands on one of these?

New Bits from Bytes 3D printers videos

Here are 3 brand new and very professional videos of 3D Systems- Bits from Bytes 3D printers.. The just released RapMan 3.2 and the 3DTouch. Both machines are ideal for school use. Both machines have updated electronics that feature touch screen control and files are run from USB memory sticks.


Bits from Bytes on UK prime time TV

BfB spent some time last week at the Gadget Show Live demonstrating their 3D printers to the public. This event was aimed at letting people know all about 3D printing and how accessible it can be.

A spin off of this was the BfB3000 making an appearance on “This Morning” an ITV morning show in the UK. Here is a short clip from the show.  

A full write up can be found on the BfB Blog http://rapmanv3.blogspot.com/2011/04/seven-days-of-bfb-media-fun-and.html

And in case you missed it here is a clip from the BBC show “Inside Out” earlier in March 2011.  

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